About Us

With an ever-changing world around us, we decided that we wanted more from our lives, more for our kid’s futures. A whole lot more than any JOB would ever give or allow us to have.

So, with the modern era at our fingertips (smart phones & internet data) it was time to step out of our comfort zones & take the plunge into the unknown.

Jumping into the online world we soon discovered that there were not any requirements to have years of training, trades, or uni degrees to be able to generate an income stream. We found training courses that provided us with all the necessary tools & resources to get us started.

With the help of amazing mentors & coach’s, this is allowing us to now create the lifestyle that we have long desired, one that is solely created on our terms.

We will be able to spend all the time in the world with our kids & grandkids, travel as often as we desire & basically do what we want, whenever we want.

A decision that is paying off for us in so many ways. Our best decision by far.


I am a mum to 3 beautiful kids Mitchell, Cameron & Makenna, and mum to my angel baby Peyton, Step mum to 2 older kids and a nanny to 5 gorgeous granddaughters.

I grew up on a sheep and cattle farm in north-western NSW, with 3 brothers. Life as a kid was fun and hard at the same time. Being on a farm, we had to do our fair share to help the place run.

I completed my schooling at the local school until year 10 and year 11 & 12 were spent at boarding school in QLD.

After finishing school, I did what was expected and went to University and completed a Bachelor of Business majority in Hospitality Management.

Once my 3 years university were done & dusted, I found a job. Mind you, this job was in Tasmania at beautiful Cradle Mountain Lodge. So, I packed up my little Toyota Starlet and drove to Melbourne to catch the Spirit of Tasmania boat. A trip i will never forget….

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I spent about a year there before I decided to try something different. So again, I packed up my little car and caught the boat back to the mainland and made my way up to far north QLD….Mossman to be exact to work at Silky Oaks Lodge.

After 7 months up in North Queensland I had had enough, and I missed the colder climate, so I decided to go back to Tasmania & Cradle Mountain Lodge again (big adventures for a small-town country girl).

This time I was there for another 2 years before I got itchy feet again and wanted to hit the road again and believe it or not it was back to North QLD again…..this time 5 hours west of Cairns at a Resort on a cattle station. It was known as Wrotham Park Lodge.

After 18 months here it was time to hit the road once again as this time, I was expecting a little bundle of Joy, my first born, Mitchell.

I moved to the Tamborine/Beaudesert area of QLD, where I (surprisingly) spent the next 4 years. During that time, I had my second born, Cameron plus went through a marriage breakup. Exciting and rough times.

I eventually moved back to the little town in NSW where I grew up. I scored a job working in the Aged Care industry which was a welcome change from Hospitality. In 2011, I met my soul mate and partner in crime Craig.

In 2018 we welcomed our little girl into our lives (our little IVF angel), and this is when I came to the realisation that I wanted more from life than just eat/sleep/work repeat. I wanted to spend more time with my kids and no more missing out.

In 2019 we had the tragic misfortune of losing our 2nd baby, Peyton, at 20 weeks gestation. It was a heartbreaking time as you can imagine.

Realising that the only way to achieve the lifestyle that I wanted (well both of us actually) was to take the leap out of my comfort zone and venture into the online world, the best (and smartest) decision I have made.

Finally, I found my ideal path in life. No more missing out on precious, memorable moments due to being at work. No more being told how/when to do things


Growing up in the 70’s & 80’s, life was fairly easy going & fun, but back then it was drilled into us as kids to get top grades at school so we could either go onto University or get a great, secure, life long career.

So naturally, that is what I did. To the best of my ability anyway.

I grew up in the Blue Mountains of NSW. As a kid, it was awesome. Bush everywhere, lots of places to explore & discover, tonnes of room to ride motorbikes (trying to avoid the boys in blue whilst riding).

At 16 I moved to Sydney to begin my apprenticeship as a Fitter & Turner, at a tobacco factory of all places (I was a smoker back then, so I was in heaven lol).

Being from the bush, I wasn’t too fussed on the hustle & bustle of the big smoke, so every weekend was spent back in the mountains, hanging with mates & doing what we knew best.

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I guess this was the start of my adventures as I moved around a lot over the years. Blue Mountains – Sydney – Dubbo – Orange – Bathurst – Gold Coast – Inverell – Tamworth – Mackay QLD – Inverell again where I still am within that area.

While in Bathurst, I had a son & daughter, who are now all grown up with kiddies of their own (5 beautiful granddaughters for me in total).

Tamworth is where I thought the beginning of the ultimate life was starting when I managed to get a start in the Mining Industry. At first, it was awesome. Unbelievable money & basically working outdoors on big arse tonka toys lol.

This ended up taking me up to Mackay for a few years where the money was better & even time rosters, bloody awesome. But in time I started realising that there were things missing (as I was single at that stage).

In 2011 I met my beautiful wife & partner in crime, Kat. It was not long after this that I realised what I was missing which was quality of life. The mining industry is great BUT it is not a family friendly industry by any means. I knew I wanted out of this game but wasn’t exactly sure what I wanted to do. I just knew I wanted a better quality of life, as my kids were growing up & starting their own families of their own plus Kat has 2 boys.

2018 changed everything for me. Along came our beautiful little angel/devil (more devil I think lol) Makenna. I had the opportunity to get to spend a lot of time with her after she was born & wanted more.

This is when our online journey began. We found that we could generate income streams online & build them to the point that I would not have to work for a boss ever again (except Kat that is lol). I had figured out some time back that I wasn’t as passionate about jobs as I thought I was, but I became, & still am very, passionate about the online space.

Learning new skills, new ways to earn, new friends & bettering my own self in the process, all from my phone & laptop, anywhere in the world. It is allowing me to regain a quality life that I wanted, spend all the time I wanted with my kids & grandkids, hit

the open road on my Harley & basically do what I want whenever I want without asking for time off.

No more missing out on memorable moments, no more watching videos or looking at photos of the events I missed due to ridiculous work commitments.

What more could anyone want in life?

Our Vision

Our vision is a rather simple one….

Mentor, Coach & Train other people, couples & families to create the lifestyle that they desire by generating multiple streams of income from the online space.


Why would we want to do that?

The traditional Aussie way was always to help each other. In todays world this seems to be a few & far between scenario.

When we got started online, we found mentors & coaches who gave us the tools, techniques & training to hit the ground running. They still have a presence in our lives & we have created some great friendships along the way (non-judgemental friendships).

Utilising the same tools & resources that we started with & others that we have picked up & used along the way, we will teach you how to create the lifestyle that you truly desire & create multiple streams of income.

Lifestyle Freedom

Time Freedom

Financial Freedom

Ultimate Freedom