Good Days & Bad Days

We all have good days, and we all have bad days, after all, we are human & it is a normal part of life. Even we are prone to both & sometimes it honestly feels like the bad days outnumber the good days.

How we deal with it is the key. It is the key to how much flow on affect a bad day might have or even how much flow on affect a good day will have.

Let us look at bad days first.

We have all experienced these. Anyone who says different is telling porkies . When you encounter a bad day, try telling yourself that “Everything will always work out for me”. Repeat this to yourself throughout your ‘Bad’ day. You are effectively talking to your subconscious & reprogramming it at the same time.

Another thing with bad days is have a look at what has caused this to happen & look at other bad days. If there is a common denominator to these bad days, then seriously look at removing this Cause. If you can remove the cause, then you can start to eliminate the bad days from happening.

We will also listen to a podcast or motivational video on YouTube to help pick ourselves up during or after a bad day. Something else for you to try…

Now the Good Days.

Well there is not much else can be said really. Enjoy these, let them boost your self-confidence, boost you attitude & belief in yourself.

Remember; Bad days happen to us all. It is up to us to not let them steer us down a road we do not want to be on. Everyone has bad days, even the most successful & high-profile people. You can change how they affect you & your daily life.

You are author of your life. Only you can write each & every chapter.