There is such a simple answer to this question…….


We wanted more from our lives, more than we were able to get from any JOB.

We wanted more time with our kids, more time with our grandkids & more time with each other, TIME freedom. PLUS, like everyone else, we obviously wanted financial freedom as well.

Taking a serious look at the time we are living in, the online world is exploding. More and more businesses are turning to the online space to sell & market their products. Some have even shut the doors to their bricks & mortar businesses to operate solely online (less overheads).

We have both worked in some particularly good jobs but at the end of the day, they are just that, a JOB. Long hours, odd hours, long stints away from home, it all starts to take its toll on a person.

With creating income streams online, it allows us to work around our family and commitments. There are NO set hours, it is entirely up to us. We will usually put in a few hours of a morning, some more throughout the day (here & there) and of a night-time we will generally crack out another few hours.

And one of the best factors is we can do all this from anywhere we like (obviously there needs to be an internet connection).

The opportunity to organise our work and workload around us is nothing short of BLOODY AMAZING. The kids love it, we love it and we are all better for it.

Keep smiling

Craig & Kat